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Have you considered a CHL Course Gift Certificate for a friend or loved one?

Check out our classroom.

Register on-line here.


This classroom session will be held in the South Classroom of the New Mexico National Guard Armory located at 601 South Norris Street, Clovis, NM. Class starts promptly at 7:55am each day and ends not earlier than 6pm. Actual end time depends on the students and their level of participation. Coffee, donuts and water will be available.

All classes require a minimum of 8 pre-paid students .

If you are planning to attend a class, don't wait to sign up at the last minute. Doing so could allow the class to be canceled because there may not be enough students.


Cost of class is $125 plus $9.34 tax and must be pre-paid not later than 48 hours before the scheduled start day.

Do you have a disability? Please contact me before registration so I can see if I can accommodate you.

NOTICE! This class is presented in English. You must read, write and speak English fluently to participate in this class.

If you would like to register or pay on-line, you're welcome to do so using the form provided here and/or go to PayPal using the link below.

Space is generally limited to 12 students. However, there are rare exceptions made to accommodate military facing deployment or other uncontrollable situations.


You are welcome to use a credit card, PayPal balance or transfer from your account with PayPal. I do not accept any form of delayed payments like "E-Check", etc. Refunds of payments made using PayPal will be charged the PayPal fee. The fee is $3.

You may pre-pay with cash or check at R&S Gun Shop or Crosshair Gun Shop.

Returned Checks:

If you use a check for payment and that check is returned, I charge a $25 returned check fee. I will call you three times in an attempt to recover what's due. After the third call, I charge $5 per call. After the 7th call, I will file a civil suit to recover what's owed. The cost you will be required to repay will then be the amount owed, plus the court costs, plus interest.


Register on-line here.

Course cost is $125, plus $9.34 tax = $134.34. PayPal fee is $3.15.

If you choose to use PayPal, the total cost is $137.49.


Personal Concealment Solutions, Inc.
Steve Aikens
NRA Certified, New Mexico Approved Instructor

Clovis, NM

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