Before you go to the registration page, read these instructions!

NOTE: You MUST know the course date you wish to attend. If there is no course scheduled - Do not fill out this registration form. Click this link to sign up for email notification of upcoming courses.

You may prepay at Cross Hair Gun & Sport, 214 N. Main St in Clovis. Prepayment may also be mailed to:

Steve Aikens
2913 Harrison Ave.
Clovis, NM 88101
(575) 762-0365

Note: As you fill this form out - keep in mind that this enters your data into the database from which all your documents are created, including your NRA certificates and other CHL certificates issued.

If you want you documents to be printed last name first, then that's how you should enter your name here.

USE PROPER SENTENCE CASE - ie., it's James, not JAMES or james.

All dates are to be in the format [mm/dd/yyyy].

Registration forms not complying with these instructions will be deleted. If you can't follow instructions - you will not succeed in this course!


I understand, take me to the registration page.