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Steve Aikens
NRA Certified, New Mexico Approved Instructor

NRA Training Counselor

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Personal Vita

Steve Aikens
NRA Training Counselor

I am certified to conduct training for beginning students,NRA Instructor Candidates in the NRA Disciplines of Pistol, Home Firearms Safety, Personal Protection, Refuse To Be A Victim, Range Safety Officer and am credentialed by New Mexico DPS to conduct New Mexico Concealed Carry Classes. Those Concealed Carry Classes are also certified as approved by Florida for resident/non-resident permits.

Retired military – Expert Marksman 1966 – 1986
NRA - Benefactor Life Member - Join Now!
NRA Training Counselor
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor - 1976 to date
NRA Certified Firearm Safety Instructor - 1976 to date
NRA Certified Personal Protection Instructor

NRA Certified Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
R&S Shooting Range – Pistol Instructor 1986 - 1995
R&S Shooting Range – Range Safety Officer 1986 – 1995
Personal Pistol Instructor [Family] – by request 1976 to date
National Shooting Sports Foundation Member
International Defensive Pistol Association Member
United States Practical Shooters Association Member
Law Enforcement Alliance of America - Life Member
National Association of Firearms Instructors Life Member
National Concealed Firearms Instructors Association Member
Gun Owners of America - Life Member
United States Concealed Carry Association Member
Patriot Defensive Pistol Association, Lubbock, TX.
New Mexico Sport Shooting Association Member
SIGARMS Academy Graduate:

  • Conceal Carry Weapons Techniques
  • Advanced Conceal Carry Weapons Techniques
  • Shooting Outside Your Comfort Zone
  • Skill Drills for the Competitive Shooter
  • Close Quarter Pistol Operator

Arizona DPS Approved Firearms Safety Training Instructor
New Mexico DPS Approved CCW Instructor

Licensed To Carry Concealed In 40 States
Arizona Concealed Weapon Permit
Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License
New Mexico Concealed Handgun License
Pennsylvania License To Carry Firearms

Utah Concealed Firearm Permit

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Steve Aikens
NRA Certified, New Mexico Approved Instructor

Clovis, NM

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